As Aventuras do Gastão No Japao

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Aventuras do Gastão no Japao


Join Gastão on his trip to Japan in the book, As Aventuras do Gastão no Japão 2a Edição. Gastão and his parents are from Portugal, and they love to travel around the globe. In this adventure, the family visits Japan and is awed by its wonders. They discover Japan is a country of unparalleled beauty and culture. They visit various places such as the Tokyo Imperial Palace, Hakone Lake, Osaka Castle, Kinkaku-Ji Golden Pavilion Temple, and Kyoto Imperial Palace. Gastão also participated in a Japanese tea ceremony, watched sword makers handcraft fine swords with traditional methods, and he even got to feed the famous deer in Nara. The family also tried some of the best-tasting foods like shabushabu, udon, tonkatsu,okonomiyaki, karaage, yakitori, omurice, and robatayaki. As Aventuras do Gastão no Japão 2a Edição is the second book in the Aventuras do Gastão series. Your children will love learning about Japan and its famous landmarks.


Language: Portuguese

Hardback ISBN: 9781954145016
Paperback ISBN: 9781954145122
eBook ISBN: 9781954145078